International students, welcome to PSL with the Welcome Desk!


PSL has now launched a Welcome Desk for new PSL students and internationals who wish to meet the students of the community, immerse themselves in the Parisian life, and participate in a wide variety of social activities.

Etudiants participant à la soirée Tandem Linguistique du Welcome Desk de PSL

Composed of several PSL students, the Welcome Desk invites you to participate in recurring events throughout the year, in order to meet other students and to exchange in French, English, Italian, Korean ... in short, in all languages!

"Jogging Under the Stars"

Every Tuesday night, the entire Welcome Desk team adorns their sneakers and encourages you to join them in a jog through nice places in Paris. To find the meeting point, go to the Facebook page.

The Linguistic Tandems

You can now meet students of different cultures and communicate in their preferred language(s) while improving new languages that you’d like to speak - all in a friendly atmosphere. The Welcome Desk team invites you to participate and interact in a specific meeting spot and all details can be found on the Facebook page.

Guided tours

The Musée d'Orsay, Jardin des Tuileries, Montmartre ... So many places to discover in Paris, and why not with a guide and group? This is possible with the Welcome Desk! Guided tour events usually occur on Saturday afternoons: give them a try, and you’ll find that Paris has many treasures to discover!

The Welcome desk also offers themed evenings in addition to the above events. To follow and not miss anything, subscribe to their Facebook page.