PSL boasts 6 winners of the 2016 ERC Advanced Grant


On Friday, April 7, 2017, the European Research Council (ERC) announced the list of 231 recipients of its 2016 Advanced Grants throughout Europe.

European research council logo

Of the 231 grant recipients across Europe, France can claim 23, coming in behind Germany (45 recipients), the UK (41 recipients), and Switzerland (25 recipients). Six of the French grant recipients are researchers working within the scope of PSL.

The ERC Advanced Grants are designed to provide up to €2.5 million over 5 years for pioneering and disruptive projects, directed by experienced researchers (with more than 12 years of research) recognized in their field.

The 2016 grant recipients from PSL are:

•Philippe BOUSSO (Institut Pasteur)

•Edith FALGARONE (Observatoire de Paris)

•Philippe JEHIEL (ENS)

•Philippe MARCUS (ENSCP)


•Christophe SALOMON (ENS)