PSL celebrates Jour de la Pensée

Jour de la pensée de l'Union PSL 2017

The PSL Student Union, nerve center of student life at PSL, is planning a Jour de la Pensée for the second year in a row. The celebration, open to all PSL students, will take place from April 18-21 this year. Through events, lectures, and theme nights, Jour de la Pensée is an opportunity for students from all PSL institutions to meet and engage with each other.

The common thread of this year’s events, the theme “Republic and Thought,” is timely. Several lectures and debates are planned around this theme, leveraging the multidisciplinarity of our schools to create a solid framework for students to reflect on politics.
All #JourdelaPenséePSL events are free and open to the public, with registration required on the PSL Student Union’s Facebook page.

Jour de la Pensée schedule:
Tuesday, April 18
12pm: PSL Student Union activities in the halls of PSL institutions. Stands staffed by the Student Union and PSL clubs and associations will present displays at locations outside of their home schools.
7pm: EHESS doctoral students will present a lecture at the École des Mines on the topic “Film, Research and Politics”.

Wednesday, April 19
8pm: Public speaking competition, between 5 PSL students, at Chimie ParisTech (to be confirmed), from 8-9pm. The topic of debate, political in nature, will be shared with the students a week in advance. The jury will include members of the PSL Student Union alongside Isabelle Catto, Dean of Academic Affairs at PSL.

Thursday, April 20
7pm: Lecture and discussion with Olivier Christin, Director of CEDRE, on the topic “Reinventing Democracy: Beyond Voting.”  The event will take place in the Jaurès room at ENS. The lecture will be followed by an open discussion period with students.

Friday, April 21
11pm: The full week of the Semaine de la Pensée will close out with the “Fin de la Pensée” party at Nix Nox (music provided by On Rotation).

We hope to see a big crowd come together to celebrate the Jour de la Pensée!