PSL invited to Harvard Worldwide Week


The Harvard campus has invited researchers and cultural representatives from around the world to discuss and debate universal themes from October 22nd-28th. PSL has been invited to participate in this event, and will be represented by Vice President Edouard Husson at a conference at the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School.

Harvard University gates

Conversations will center around topics such as: the difficult return of Syrian refugees, the future of cities, climate change and the evolution of endemic diseases. For the first edition of Harvard Worldwide Week, the university has invited the greatest international specialists. Organized by the entire campus (schools, research centers, departments, student associations), this week of cultural and academic meetings will be held from October 22nd-28th with the participation of PSL.

The prestigious Harvard Kennedy School has invited Edouard Husson, professor of universities, contemporary history specialist and Vice President of PSL, to participate in the conference, organized by the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs of the Kennedy School on October 26th. His talk, entitled "There Is No Alternative: Was the rise of populism in Germany favored by Angela Merkel's favorite formula?" is an opportunity to discuss the rise of populism in Eastern Europe.

The same week, at the invitation of the Dean of Arts and Humanities, a delegation of students and teachers from the SACRe doctoral program will present their work during a day entitled "Art as Research: A Transatlantic Dialogue." Dedicated to the exchange and presentation of the work of SACRe students and those of Harvard University's Critical Media Practice (CMP) program, this day will allow for the debate on the integration of research projects in Master of Arts and PhD programs in universities.

The presence of PSL is part of the continuity of links established between universities since 2015 on various themes. Last July, PSL welcomed Professor Ali Malkawi, Director of the Center for Green Buildings and Cities, for a conference, in partnership with the Harvard Club of France, to discuss his work on the renovation of old buildings and energy self-sufficiency.