PSL Orchestra and Choir’s 3rd Spring Festival Opening


March 7th will begin the Spring Festival of the PSL Université’s Symphonic Orchestra and Choir (OSC-PSL). On this occasion, Johan Farjot, its director, focuses on this privileged moment when each year, students of all disciplines meet, including high-level professionals and passionate amateurs meet. More than twenty events are open to everyone from March 7th to April 12th.

Concert de l'Orchestre et Choeur de PSL au Conservatoire national supérieur d'Art Dramatique

Multidisciplinarity, involvement of the PSL schools, artistic and scientific exchanges, and productions of the highest professional level made the first two editions successful

PSL: PSL Symphony Orchestra and Choir’s (OSC) 3rd Spring Festival opens on March 7th. What will be the highlights of the 2018 edition?

We maintain the philosophy of what made the first two editions successful: multidisciplinarity, involvement of the PSL schools, artistic and scientific exchanges, and productions of the highest professional level thanks to the contributions of students passionate about music. This year, we will hold a great concert on April 10th at the Church of Saint-Etienne-du-Mont, centered around the German Requiem Brahms, with the collaboration of the singing class of the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique, the University of the City of London choir, and Gaudeamus choir in Sofia, Bulgaria. It will obviously be a great moment! It should also be noted that Karol Beffa, a teacher at ENS-PSLL, and the mathematician Claire Voisin, a professor at the Collège de France, will speak together on March 27th about their cross-cutting fields.
However, it is impossible to choose! I urge you to consult the twenty program events.

PSL: The OSC which was initiated by PSL, celebrates 5 years in existence today and is composed of about 130 instrumentalists and singers. How has it grown in recent years? Who are its main members?

This unifying project originated in the foundations of Université PSL and has been quickly increasing in numbers and quality of talent! All schools are welcome, and among them we recruit students, teachers and staff. This year we have the chance we have a diversity of members, including many students from the CPES, Dauphine-PSL, etc.

PSL: Describe a profound memory you have from your tour.

All the trips that we made hold many strong memories for all of the musicians who were part of the adventure. We went to China, Israel, Bulgaria, England, etc. but also through beautiful French regions!

PSL: PSL Université students come from a wide variety of backgrounds in science, literature, economics and the arts; is this plurality of horizons and centers of interest reflected in the life of the OSC?

This plurality is the hallmark of the OSC-PSL! Openness is an assured guarantee of artistic communion.

PSL: Are there any collaborations between the Orchestra and Choir and the artistic and cultural associations of PSL students?

Yes. The OSC-PSL is also an association and we count students among our members also. We often collaborate with Dauphine Talents and Union PSL. For our recruitment campaigns, we address all school student councils (BDE).

PSL: If there was one event not to be missed by June, what would it be?

All of them ! The next concerts are for the Spring Festival, beginning on March 7th until April 12th.