PSL Xtend, the community access platform

PSL Xtend, la plateforme de circulation étudiante

PSL is launching PSL Xtend, its community access platform. PSL students can register for and attend more than 150 courses offered by 9 institutions (Chimie ParisTech, MINES ParisTech, La Fémis, ENS, EPHE, ESPCI, Observatoire de Paris, PSL, ENC), a number which should increase to more than 300 for the second semester.


These courses are open year-round for students who meet the prerequisites and have permission from their home institution, as space is available. Auditors are welcome, with the same requirements for attendance and testing. PSL will deliver a certificate of completion at the end of the course, and ECTS credits may be earned in some cases (depending on the home institution’s policies).