The Vegg'up start-up awarded the 2017 PEPITE-Tremplin prize


Congratulations to PSL alumni Robin Lietar and Sofia Megazri, who are among the 53 national PEPITE-Tremplin winners for their start-up: Vegg'up.

Although today in France, three out of four people want to reduce their consumption of meat, only one in two people achieve it. Based on this observation, Robin Lietar (alumnus MINES ParisTech), Salomé Tenenbaum and Sofia Megzari (alumnae University ParisDauphine) have created Vegg’up, an application that offers vegetarian and vegan gourmet and balanced meals.

All three are among the 53 students and recent graduates of the 4th national PEPITE-Tremplin Prize to promote student entrepreneurship. This prize, in addition to € 5,000 allocated by the Ministry, improves their reputation and offers a guarantee of quality for future fundraising. Moreover, to develop Vegg'up in 2018, the whole team will benefit from the support of PSL-PEPITE.


PEPITE-Tremplin Prize for Student Entrepreneurship

Dedicated to students and recent graduates, the PEPITE prize is an initiative of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation to reward risk taking, encourage the crossroads of knowledge and openness to all types of innovation. Every year, 53 national winners and 150 regional winners are rewarded. Only conditions to apply: be a student or a young graduate, aged 18 to 28, and carrying an innovative project.