Welcome to your university at the start of the 2018 school year!


Welcome, members of the PSL community! Do not miss the key information about the 2018 school year.

Etudiante de l'Université PSL lors de la garden party organisée par l'Union PSL en mai 2018
Services for students

Do you need housing, or student employment, or anything else? The University provides many services for students. Do not hesitate to contact your host institution as well.

Welcome, international students!

In each PSL host institution, an International Relations Office provides advice and help for thousands of students. Officers are your main contacts to make the best of your studies at PSL and take part in the eventful campus life!

  • Administrative tasks (Visa, health insurance, employment in France)
  • The Welcome Desk, managed by students, offers activities to discover life in Paris
  • Study&Co is a PSL partner; the startup helps you with administrative procedures (Code: PSL18).
Student clubs and councils

Over 100 student clubs and organizations make events that bring life to PSL throughout the year. The activities, covering a wide range of interests - culture, arts, athletics, social engagement - form the pattern of campus life and they are the opportunity for you to get involved in exciting collaborative projects.

Etudiantes de l'Université PSL en cours de Zumba avec PSL-Sport
Libraries, databases and digital collections

PSL-Explore is the gateway for knowledge dissemination at PSL. The digital service gives access to the unified catalog for the 90 libraries and archive centers in PSL, a digital library with the heritage of PSL members institutions, movies about research, creation and popularization, all MOOCs in every PSL school and institute, news items (the “focus”) and virtual exhibitions for the general public to see the research and collections at PSL.

You may also keep in touch on Twitter @PSLExplore

Events, news, social media

Keep yourself up-to-date with the following links:

Education at PSL

Do you see yourself as a future artist, entrepreneur, engineer, researcher or executive? Our goal is to discover the most promising students and to arm them with the tools for success, contributing to a new generation of talent. At PSL, you gain access to an unparalleled education in science, the arts, literature, and culture -- a premium education with access to the best schools and institutes for all degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate.

Bachelor’s degrees

Master’s degrees and doctoral degrees

Training for entrepreneurs

Student mobility

Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Humanities. All of the knowledge are found at PSL! Through its schools & institutes, PSL offers a range of opportunities to complete your curriculum, discover new fields, learn entrepreneurship or prepare your future.

  • PSL Xtend: Hundreds of in-person courses, all disciplines combined, face-to-face and accessible on various campuses of PSL.
  • Dual degrees : you may enroll in two majors among PSL host institutions. Contact the Student Affairs office or the admission office in your school.
  • PSL Weeks: Cross-institutional 5-day event for students to discover interdisciplinary courses
Entrepreneurship at PSL

Entrepreneurship at PSL

  • PSL is here to help you develop your idea, build your business plan, raise funding, and more.
  • PSL-Lab is the coworking space at PSL
  • PSL-Pépite is a training program for all students or young alumni from PSL who wish to found a start-up
  • PSL-Starter is a semester-long training program for full-time student entrepreneurs