Engineering at MINES ParisTech

Program type : Initial Training
Degree : Master
Discipline(s) : Mechanics and Materials, Engineering Science
Place : Paris
Domains : Engineering
Teaching language : French
Internship required
Prerequisites : Bachelor

A prime objective of the civil engineering program at MINES ParisTech is to make sure that coursework remains aligned with practical, real-life scenarios, which must be understood and mastered through knowledge and theoretical tools. This exposure to practical experience is provided through internships, team projects, and an individual project of choice conducted through contact with working professional engineers and under faculty supervision. In this way, our school of engineering fulfills its primary duty of disseminating knowledge and practical expertise.
Students in the civil engineering program at MINES ParisTech (École des Mines de Paris) receive a comprehensive, multidisciplinary education through solid technical, scientific, and socio-economic coursework. With instruction by first-rate faculty and through a diverse array of educational activities, students acquire robust foundational knowledge and practical know-how. MINES ParisTech is committed to educating future creators of wealth and knowledge highly coveted by companies.

Learning outcomes

MINES ParisTech has ranked as the top school of engineering for close to fifteen years (source: Industries et Technologies) in terms of its volume of contract research for companies. In 2016, its contracts totaled 24 million euros, equivalent to half of the school’s research budget and 40% of the school’s total resources.
The school’s extensive and longstanding relationships with companies provide direct benefits to its students in civil engineering::

  • Frequent updates to the curriculum to incorporate real-life company needs and to reflect scientific advances (courses, electives, and projects added, updated, or omitted as needed).
  • Representatives from our main industry partners sit on most of our councils and steering committees.
  • More than 500 temporary faculty from the business world and close to a hundred volunteers actively contribute to training civil engineers.
  • All teaching faculty participate in industry research contracts, keeping them in close contact with real-life needs in the field and allowing them to maintain current expertise.
  • In-company projects, very carefully selected, prepared for, and supervised, are a key element of the educational program. All civil engineering students will have completed at least 9 months of in-company experience during their tenure in the program.

This program is accredited by the CTI (Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur) which is the French body in charge of carrying out evaluation procedures that lead to the award of the engineering degree “titre d’ingénieur diplômé”.

Laboratories :     

Students work with laboratories in the 5 departments at MINES ParisTech: Mathematics and Systems, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Energy and Processes, Mechanics and Materials, Society and Management.


Concours Commun MINES-Ponts (CCMP) competitive entrance exam

At the close of the second year of preparatory classes for France’s Grandes Écoles in the MP, PC, PSI, PT and TSI tracks, 95-97 students are admitted into the first year of the civil engineering program at MINES ParisTech through the CCMP competitive entrance exam co-administered by nine of France’s top engineering schools (Grandes Ecoles). See

Specialized Track

The specialized track is designed for students from École Polytechnique, the Écoles Normales Supérieures, and ESPCI Paris who would like to specialize in one of the fields available at MINES ParisTech (16 fields available in 2016).
The specialized track is a 21-month course of study and includes an end-of-program internship through the student’s original school. The track ends in late December of the following academic year.

Degree-based admissions for university applicants (L3, M1*)

This admissions procedure provides entry directly into the second year of the engineering program. Applications must be submitted online at

* Higher education in France:
L1: first year of undergraduate study / L2: second year of undergraduate study / L3: third year of undergraduate study /
M1: first year of graduate study / M2: second year of graduate study


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