PSL-ITI – Institute of Technology and Innovation

Program type : Initial Training
Degree : Post-master
Discipline(s) : Astrophysics, Biology, Chemistry, Entrepreneurship, Business Administration - Management, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering Science, Space Science, Life Sciences
Place : Paris
Domains : Engineering, Fundamental Sciences
Teaching language : English
Internship required
Prerequisites : Master

Innovation is essential for meeting the challenge posed by international competition in the manufacturing realm. Scientific excellence, multidisciplinary cooperation and close ties to research and development are the primary drivers of innovation. The Institute for Technology and Innovation (PSL-ITI) aims to train a new generation of innovative engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs in service to industry and to make research an engine for growth.

PSL-ITI receives support from some of France’s largest institutions of scientific research and engineering, including École normale supérieure, ESPCI Paris, Institut Curie, MINES ParisTech, Chimie ParisTech, the Observatoire de Paris and Collège de France, as well as Université Paris-Dauphine, EnsAD-Paris and École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, our training partner.

Overview of the PSL-ITI predoctoral track:

Learning outcomes

Train the scientists and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, who can transform the results of scientific research into solid drivers of industrial innovation. The PSL-ITI predoctoral track (60 ECTS) includes:

  • Multidisciplinary instruction (innovative technology for healthcare, quantum engineering, energy, cognitive sciences, etc.) and training in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • A 5-month internship in a corporate laboratory (at a startup or large industrial firm, such as Air Liquide, Saint-Gobain, Total, Schlumberger, Chanel, Sanofi, etc.) or academic laboratory (MIT, Caltech, Technion, Collège de France, ESPCI Paris, Institut Curie, ENS, etc.).
  • A project to simulate the creation of a startup firm.

Who should apply?

The predoctoral track is open to all students, both French and foreign, at the Bac+5 level who hold a degree from an engineering school or ENS and/or hold a master’s degree in scientific research (MSc).


Upon completing the PSL-ITI predoctoral track, students will obtain a doctorate-level diploma (Bac+6) that opens the door to numerous opportunities: they can pursue their dissertation/PhD, work as an engineer in an R&D center or department, study entrepreneurship in order to create a technology startup, work as a research engineer, etc.



Benefits of the program   

  • The excellence, diversity and complementary nature of PSL’s member institutions and laboratories
  • A predoctoral program that is unique in France and includes multidisciplinary training rooted in the very best basic research and firmly focused on entrepreneurship
  • Numerous industrial partnerships
  • A series of conferences on leadership, organized in partnership with the Boson Project
  • An international environment and close collaboration with foreign universities
  • A personalized academic path: 3 majors (80 credit hours each), selected from among nine scientific areas:

- Innovative technology for healthcare
- Cognitive engineering
- Fluid engineering
- Quantum engineering
- Advanced materials: current challenges
- Applied mathematics for signal processing and imaging
- Energy
- Environment
- Modeling and engineering for biological systems

  • 80 hours of coursework on companies, innovation, economics and intellectual property, given by more than 100 instructors
  • An obligatory 5-month internship at a research laboratory (MIT, Caltech, Technion, Collège de France, ESPCI Paris, Institut Curie, ENS, etc.), a corporation or a startup (Air Liquide, Saint-Gobain, Total, Schlumberger, Chanel, Sanofi, Supersonic Imagine, Carbone 4, 3D Matter, etc.).
  • Participation in a collaborative project: a simulated business startup, based on projects identified in PSL’s laboratories of excellence / the creation of a business plan. A series of about a dozen conferences, led by scientists who have won an international reputation in multidisciplinary topics or by leaders from the manufacturing sector who are pioneers in innovation.

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Master degree in science (engineering schools, ENS, holders of an MSc degree). Specifically:

  • Non-PSL candidates (universities, international students): A Master’s in scientific research (MSc), completed or in progress
  • Candidates from ENSCP, MINES ParisTech, École des Ponts ParisTech, engineering schools other than PSL: An engineering degree
  • Candidates from ESPCI, ENS, Polytechnique: Completion of a third year of study, validated or with validation in progress.

Courses are taught in English. Therefore, candidates must have fluent written and spoken English. Proficiency in English will be evaluated during the selection interviews.

Selection procedures

The program has a two-stage admissions process:
1. Online application through PSL portal. Submission deadlines:

  • from March 5, 2018 to May 9, 2018 (round 1) 
  • from August 20 to August 28, 2018 (round 2)

2. Admissions interview for preselected candidates (in person in Paris or by Skype) with the selection committee:

  • from May 21, 2018 to June 1st, 2018 (round 1)
  • 30 August 2018 (round 2)

Guidelines to prepare your application

In preparing your application, please include the following:

A motivation letter describing your career plan and/or thesis and supporting your choice of scientific topics (3 majors); a detailed CV; contact information for at least one academic reference; a photocopy or certificate of completion of the Master 2 program or an engineering degree or a degree from a major French university (including a sworn translation into French or English for degrees obtained outside the EU); academic transcripts for the two years preceding enrollment at PSL-ITI; a photocopy of your ID card (front and back) or passport; a photocopy of your French ‘carte de séjour’ or a copy of the receipt from your application for a ‘carte de séjour’ for the current year, for students from outside the EU.

Once admitted, students are eligible for a grant that is awarded on the basis of academic excellence.


€1500 for students from the European Union; €3000 for students from outside the European Union; €7000 for all other candidates.
Students may receive an exemption if they have already paid the equivalent sum to a PSL institution, with payment of the difference if the amount is smaller.

Round 2 application: 20 - 28 august 2018


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