Tara ship expedition

Director : Serge Planes (CNRS, EPHE)

PSL Environment, a flagship IDEX project under the leadership of Serge Planes, aims to promote interaction in the area of the environment, in line with a broad, panoramic vision and an inclusive, comprehensive approach. The program seeks to serve as a hub among PSL institutions.

With this program, PSL has created a unique opportunity to develop high-level, multidisciplinary research and teaching surrounding the great environmental issues of today, with a particular focus on society and the environment.

Its cross-disciplinary vision is simple: create new paradigms for reconciling environmental management and territorial development, providing scientific and technical solutions anchored in social and economic sustainability. 

The program has evolved in a bottom-up approach, starting with the creation of a scientific community that cuts across institutions and disciplines alike, to tackle the great challenges and objectives in environmental management today. The program serves as a clearinghouse and a hub, organizing annual roundtables and topical discussions, as well as scientific meetings among national and international experts. To ensure that its reach stretches beyond the role of serving as an ideas center, incentive funding has been established, as well as two large-scale programs on the Anthropocene Era, in close collaboration with Biosphere 2. The program has also coupled with the Fondation Tara for a large-scale exhibition, the “Tara Pacific,” to bring greater visibility to PSL in the world of environmental science. As part of an EUR project, the program is working to establish multidisciplinary environmental education programs, yet another feature contributing to PSL Environment’s identity as a center for excellence.