PSL Mathematics

Chercheur devant son ordinateur

Director: Olivier Biquard (ENS)

The field of mathematics is at once a basic science and a living science that evolves alongside its multiple applications in other areas of science. Physics, computer science, biology, neuroscience, even the fields of chemistry, economics and the social sciences are increasingly using mathematics and thereby giving rise to new problem sets.
Basic and applied mathematics are found throughout PSL, in a wide variety of venues, from mathematics laboratories to small teams working in laboratories not focused on mathematics per se. The aim of this program is to bring this wide variety of teams and laboratories closer together, so that PSL can present its robust standing in mathematics and proudly hold its own among the mathematics institutions of Paris —Paris being the number one hub for mathematics worldwide, in terms of quality as well as quantity. Through this joint project, PSL’s mathematicians are slated to become leading players at the global level.

The program’s objectives include:
• Promoting mathematics research, strengthening laboratories, and providing greater visibility to PSL mathematics at the international level
• Fostering interaction between PSL mathematicians through the emergence of cross-cutting mathematics research projects
• Promoting PhDs in mathematics and the integration of mathematics PhDs
• Helping to develop and ensure the visibility of PSL’s mathematics education programs, particularly the PSL Master’s program currently under construction.