MINES ParisTech - PSL

Since its founding in 1783, MINES ParisTech - PSL has educated engineers of the highest caliber, capable of solving complex problems in a diverse array of fields.

France’s top school in terms of contract research work, MINES ParisTech - PSL conducts significant research projects focused on industry in particular, as with its support of ARMINES, a center dedicated to partnership research. Its fields of research are vast, from energy to materials, applied mathematics and geosciences to the social and economic sciences.

MINES ParisTech - PSL is a member of the M.I.N.E.S. Carnot Institute, recognized for its excellence and expertise in providing practical solutions to companies, and is a founding member of Université PSL, home to 25 prestigious institutions of higher education and research, located in the heart of Paris. MINES ParisTech - PSL is also a member of ParisTech, which represents 10 of the best engineering schools in Paris.

Additionally, the Fondation Mines ParisTech, created in 1946 and presided over by Benoît Legait, provides guidance and support to the school. A recognized public-service institution in France, MINES ParisTech - PSL is authorized to receive donations and bequests.



logo Mines Paris PSL
logo Mines Paris PSL

MINES ParisTech - PSL
60 boulevard Saint Michel
75272 Paris Cedex 06


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