"Go West" exhibition

Since the Lewis and Clark expedition in the early nineteenth century, Americans have sought to penetrate the west part of the continent and provide a direct link between the Atlantic and Pacific facades. The creation of a railway connection was needed as early as 1830, however, the technical and financial means did not allow this project to become reality until 1869.

This construction, which was so important for the development of the United States, led to exploratory expeditions inside the continent, in which many scientists and engineers participated. In addition to land-use planning requirements (it was imperative to draw maps to know where to get the train through), many discoveries have been made in terms of natural species for both fauna and flora, but also in terms of mineral wealth. They have thus greatly contributed to the knowledge of a country with dimensions as large as those of a continent.

The library of MINES ParisTech offers an exhibition on the traces of these expeditions, through original maps, stories and reports often illustrated with beautiful lithographs, and photographs, from the collections of documentary resources of the School. The Museum of Mineralogy joins this exhibition by loaning samples of rocks or minerals, among the most famous on the west coast of the United States and hosting the exhibition in its premises.


6 February 2018 - 17 March 2018
Culture - Exposition
MINES ParisTech

Library of MINES ParisTech

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