MOOC: Greek sculpture from Alexander to Cleopatra

"Greek Sculpture from Alexander to Cleopatra" is a MOOC, distributed in two parts, which provides the necessary knowledge for anyone interested in the history of ancient art and classical archaeology. The course focuses on the mastery of research tools with constant reference to sculpted documents.

The period chosen is that of the greatest geographical extension of the Greek world: following Alexander's conquest of an important part of Asia, the horizon of the Greek world has widened and the three centuries separating Alexander's death in 323 BC from Cleopatra's and Antony's defeat in Actium in 31 BC represent an increase in trade and the development of kingdoms competing for supremacy.

The entire course is structured by region with situation maps. It puts the documents in close contact with their environment. Animated maps serve as a support and help memorize an art history rooted in its times and places. Knowledge of the history of ancient art, in particular sculpture, is thus part of an easy-to-remember geographical framework that puts the works in context. The Louvre Museum and Université PSLare privileged in the presentation of the sculptures and the choice of speakers.

14 January 2019 - 5 June 2019
Formation - Cours | MOOC
École Pratique des Hautes Études - PSL, PSL,
2019-01-14 9:00 2019-06-05 19:00 Europe/Paris MOOC: Greek sculpture from Alexander to Cleopatra