Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is PSL’s main decision-making body. It determines overall policy at PSL and conducts oversight to ensure implementation of its decisions.

Members with voting rights

College 1

President of Université PSL, representatives of the component institutions, associate members and research institutes, each with one vote, with the exception of the Fondation de la coopération scientifique Paris Sciences et Lettres - Quartier Latin, which is not represented.

  • Alain FUCHS – President, FCS and Université PSL
  • Christian LERMINIAUX – Director, École nationale supérieure de Chimie de Paris - PSL
  • Claire LASNE-DARCUEIL - Director, CNSAD  - PSL
  • El Mouhoub MOUHOUD– President, Université Paris-Dauphine - PSL
  • Michelle BUBENICEK - Director, Ecole nationale des chartes - PSL
  • Frédéric WORMS – Director, ENS - PSL
  • Jean-Michel VERDIER - President, EPHE - PSL
  • Vincent CROQUETTE− Director, ESPCI Paris  - PSL
  • Vincent LAFLECHE – Director, MINES Paris - PSL
  • Fabienne CASOLI – President, Observatoire de Paris - PSL
  • Thomas ROMER - Chairman, Collège de France
  • Thierry PHILIP – President, Institut Curie
  • Nicolas ARNAUD – Scientific Director, CNRS
  • Gilles BLOCH – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Inserm
  • Eric FLEURY – Eric Fleury - Dirrector of the Inria Paris research centre

College 2

Elected representatives of research professors, researchers, professors, other personnel exercising their functions within the PSL University, a component institution, an associate member, or a research institute, and students undergoing training within the Université PSL. The total number of these representatives is equal to the number of representatives of College 1.

Sub-college 1 : elected representatives of professors, research professors and researchers

  • Thierry WIRTH - EPHE - PSL
  • Elisabeth MASSONI-CAUSSE - MINES Paris - PSL
  • Denis ROUSSET - EPHE - PSL
  • Jean ABOUDARHAM – Observatoire de Paris - PSL

Sub-College 2: Elected representatives of lecturers

  • Samuel PINAUD - Dauphine - PSL
  • Frédérique FLECK - ENS - PSL
  • Cécile FALCON - CNSAD - PSL
  • Cédric DALMASSO - MINES Paris - PSL

Sub-College 3: Elected Representatives of Other Personnel

  • Maxime CHUPIN - CNRS
  • Axelle HADDAD - Collège de France
  • Nathalie VIEIRA - PSL Foundation

Sub-College 4: Student Representatives

  • Elected: MASCARO Océane
    • Sustitute: THOMAS Ugo
  • Elected: FOURNIAL Luc
    • Sustitute: ABBES Mariem
  • Elected: NIVARD Astrid
    • Sustitute: SEMON Adrien

College 3 - Designated Qualified Persons (February 6, 2020)

Eight qualified personalities, including one personality proposed by the City of Paris, one proposed by the Ile de France Regional Council, and representatives of social and economic life, the artistic sector and associations, appointed jointly by the representatives of colleges 1 and 2, the difference between the number of women and men not exceeding one.

  • Marie-Christine LEMARDELEY - Deputy Mayor in charge of all issues related to higher education, student life and research
  • Marie-Claire CARRÈRE-GÉE - "Conseillère régionale" d’Ile de France
  • Jean-Philippe THIELLAY - President, Centre national de la musique
  • Philippe MAYOL - Director, fondation Terre solidaire
  • Ronan STEPHAN - Scientific director, Plastic Omnium
  • Jean-Luc BEYLAT - President, Nokia Bell Labs France
  • Sandrine TREINER - Director, France Culture
  • Anastasia ILINE - Secrétaire adjointe de la cour des comptes, Campus France

Members in an advisory capacity

  • Christophe KERRERO - Chief education officer, Île-de-France; chief education officer, académie de Paris; chancellor, universités de Paris
  • Emilie DELORME - Director, Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris
  • Emmanuel TIBLOUX - Director, EnsAD
  • Alexia FABRE - Director, ENSBA
  • Nicolas FIÉVÉ - Director, EFEO
  • Nathalie COSTE CERDAN - Managing Director, Fémis
  • Maryvonne LE BRIGNONEN - Director of l'Institut national du service public (INSP)
  • Stéphanie MOTTA-GARCIA - Proviseur du Lycée Henri IV
  • Jean-Baptiste de FROMENT - directeur de l'ENSA Paris – Malaquais

Reports by the Board of Directors