Equipe Elaia
Identify, assess and support high-potential projects: the PSL Innovation Fund
05 July 2019
To support and strengthen technology transfer and start-up creation, PSL partnered with Elaia to launch the PSL...
Ecole Interne _ Formation Continue Paris Dauphine-PSL
LinkedIn Learning: a new online training service offered by the PSL School
01 July 2019
More than 14,000 online training courses provided on the LinkedIn Learning platform by international experts are now...
French and international scientific and academic awards for PSL researchers
28 June 2019
Gruber 2019 Cosmology Prize, CNRS silver and bronze medals, Grand Prix de philosophie de l'Académie Française... many...
Alain Fuchs, lors du colloque ©Université PSL
UK and European university leaders gather in Paris to discuss international higher education
18 June 2019
Influential figures in higher education from France, the UK and across Europe will gather in Paris on Friday 21 June to...
Etudiants internationaux visitant le Louvre avec le Welcome Desk de PSL © Daniel Nicolaevsky Université PSL
"Partner@PSL", devenez parrain ou marraine d'étudiants internationaux
12 June 2019
PSL is launching the “buddy program” for international students and is looking for students to volunteer to become ...
Dominique Schnapper
The humanities and social sciences: between scientism and politics
12 June 2019
In her lecture on June, 12 at the Collège de France, EHESS research director Dominique Schnapper, who serves as...
Alexis Robert, alumnus ESPCI, PSL-ITI PSL pépite, fondateur de Loma Innovation
"I wanted to invent something". A young entrepreneur's experience
11 June 2019
A graduate of ESPCI, PSL-ITI, alumnus of the PSL-Pépite program and an active member of PSL-Sport, Alexis Robert knows...
Bienvenue en France
"Welcome to France": 5 new programs to welcome PSL international students
11 June 2019
Université PSL obtained funding of €190,000 as part of the "Bienvenue en France" call for proposals launched in March by...
Tentative de classification des elements chimiques par Charles Friedel, collection Friedel Bibliothèque numérique PSL
Celebrating 150 years of the periodic table: PSL wins a regional call for proposals
29 May 2019
This year, the periodic table of elements of Mendeleïv celebrates its 150th anniversary. On this occasion, PSL is...