International students

Located in the heart of Paris, PSL is host each year to thousands of international students and young researchers. Whether you are headed to PSL for just a few weeks or months, or for several years, there are several things to take care of ahead of time, so make sure to plan ahead!

From administrative details to finding housing, here are a few tips and tricks for easing your transition and more quickly freeing up your time for class, involvement with PSL student associations, and all of the exciting events at PSL year-round.

Bienvenue ! Welcome ! Wilkommen ! Bienvenido ! Chao mun ! Khoshumadi ! Dobro pojalovat ! Witaj ! Kalos ilthate ! Welkommen ! Namaste !

Toolkit and orientation

A few useful sites for preparing your arrival

  • Campus France website (public institution for student mobility). Here, you will find all of the practical information you need for planning study abroad in France (course catalog, financial aid, administrative details, housing, healthcare, employment, etc.).
  • The Ministry of Higher Education and Research website provides an explanation of how higher education is structured in France.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs website provides important addresses such as for consulates, embassies, alliances françaises, and French government scholarships.

Budget: Expenses for your first month in Paris

  • Tuition: Find out the full amount of tuition plus payment terms on your school’s website.
  • Please note that you have to to pay €90 for the CVEC (Contribution Vie étudiante et campus) tax. You will be asked the receipt of it when you enroll in your host institution.
  • For students from countries outside the European Union, student social security is mandatory, at a cost of €217.
  • Housing: Security deposit (equivalent to one month’s rent, this deposit will be returned to you at the end of your lease, provided your housing is in good condition).
  • Housing deposit (1 month’s rent), unless you will be staying at a CROUS student residence arranged through our intermediary.
  • Home insurance (mandatory).
  • If you are not from a European country, you must pay €58 for a tax stamp to confirm your student visa’s validity as a residence permit.

Administrative tasks: documents to prepare in advance of your arrival

  • Passport or national ID card for members of the Schengen Area (must be valid).
  • Birth certificate plus certified translation (for European students, multilingual birth certificates are available, eliminating the need to pay for translation).
  • Health record plus recent x-rays.
  • Proof of social security coverage in your home country. European students: forms e111 or e128 or your European social security card. Students from Quebec: forms Se401Q102bis or Se401Q106.
  • Proof of enrollment in your host institution in France.
  • Most recent degree obtained and corresponding transcript plus certified translations of both.
  • Proof of successful completion of French-language or English-language testing, depending on the language of instruction at your program.
  • Driver’s license (optional).


Find your course

By education level
  • By degree
  • Licence
  • Certificat
  • Master
  • Bac +6
  • Doctorat
  • Post-doctorat
  • Autre
By discipline
  • By discipline
  • Finance d'entreprise
  • Environnement
  • Géosciences
  • RSE
  • Anthropologie
  • Sciences de la terre
  • Médecine
  • Développement durable
  • Archéologie
  • Archives – Documentation
  • Arts plastiques
  • Astrophysique
  • Banque – Finance – Assurances
  • Biologie
  • Chimie
  • Cinéma
  • Communication-Journalisme
  • Danse
  • Design
  • Droit
  • Economie
  • Entrepreneuriat
  • Etudes aréales
  • Géographie - Géopolitique
  • Gestion - Management
  • Histoire
  • Histoire de l'art
  • Histoire des sciences
  • Humanités numériques
  • Informatique
  • Langues
  • Lettres
  • Marketing
  • Mathématiques
  • Mécanique et matériaux
  • Mode
  • Musique
  • Philosophie
  • Physique
  • Relations internationales
  • Ressources humaines
  • Santé - Médecine
  • Sciences cognitives
  • Sciences de l’ingénieur
  • Science politique
  • Sciences religieuses
  • Sciences sociales
  • Sciences de l'univers
  • Sciences du vivant
  • Sociologie
  • Théâtre
Josef Boyd

Through events like the “Buddy Nights” and weekend trips, PSL has helped me to discover this language and this magnificent city!

Josef Boyd, Australian doctoral student at Institut Curie