Research at PSL

A Word from the Dean of Research

PSL must rise to three major challenges facing science today: strengthen international relationships, share research results through knowledge dissemination and education, and, the greatest challenge of all, stimulate cross-disciplinary collaboration and interaction.

Develop international partnerships

PSL actively cultivates international exposure. The university contributes to the circulation of ideas and talent and has created networks of partnerships scaled optimally for rising to the great challenges of today’s world. Agreements signed with the world’s top universities make it possible for PSL researchers and students to conduct state-of-the-art research projects while benefitting from scientific mobility at the highest levels.

Disseminate, transfer, permeate

PSL also places strategic priority on disseminating research results. We facilitate research transfer through patent filings and the creation of spinoffs, and created the PSL Explore platform to provide access to a broad array of research results and output. Furthermore, we place research at the core of all of our education programs, including at the undergraduate level, and particularly at the Master’s and doctoral levels where close to 70% of our student body is active. It is through these initiatives that we are actively working to guide more brilliant young minds toward careers in science.

Create interdisciplinary dialogue

PSL provides priority support to research projects that incorporate a blend of approaches and that foster robust dialogue across disciplines, thereby paving the way toward significant discoveries in the near future. PSL has established several unique methods for eliminating stovepipes, with the necessary flexibility for ensuring an improved response to the fast-paced change and reconfigurations required of cutting-edge research. Our initiatives in this area seek to promote research that is particularly original and innovative and of strategic interest for scientific inquiry and society’s benefit alike.

Lead a dynamic network

Drawing on its research units and the research policies of its schools, and fueled by the ambition of maintaining and strengthening the scientific excellence of these institutions in partnership with leading organizations, PSL places high priority on developing dynamic networks to surpass traditional barriers, better respond to the changing landscape of contemporary science, and rise to the challenges of today’s world.

Focus: Spotlight on the individuals leading research at PSL

Directors of PSL’s Flagship Programs share a few words about the benefits of conducting research at PSL. By highlighting the benefits that they and their teams reap from the ecosystem in which they work, Bruno Goud, Jean-Marie Schaeffer, Serge Planes, and Alessandro Stanziani bear witness to the vibrancy that emerges from cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration.


Bruno Goud Institut Convergence Q-Life Institut Curie PSL
Bruno Goud
Director of Research, CNRS
Jean-Marie Schaeffer
Director of Studies, EHESS
Serge Planes Directeur de recherche CNRS
Serge Planes
Directeur of research, CNRS
silvia Fre Directrice de recherche à Institut Curie
Silvia Fre
Director of Research, Institut Curie