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An exceptional pool of talent and expertise, PSL educates future entrepreneurs. Researchers and students: valorize your results and develop your ideas and innovations at PSL!

Guided by its unique and proven policy for entrepreneurship support, PSL assists its students and researchers through all of the stages of creating a new company, from intellectual property support, business models and funding, to team building and facilitating contact with business partners. Through this support, PSL is contributing to economic growth, job creation and bringing improvements to society.

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Social entrepreneurship, solidarity, women in business, students, researchers... PSL encourages and supports the creation of innovative startups and small businesses. Together, we may end up changing the world.

Meet our pioneers :

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tem V. Rosi Mistou startup

With PSL’s support, I was able to create a social entrepreneurship project in Pondicherry, a small clothing manufacturing shop that is wholly owned by women with no previous education.

Valentine Rosi Mistou, Founder of Rosi Mistou