PSL Doctorate

doctorat PSL
Program type Initial Training
Degree PhD
Domain(s) Arts, Humanities & social sciences, Engineering, Fundamental Sciences
Discipline(s) Anthropology, Archeology, Astrophysics, Chemistry, Economics, Geography - Geopolitics, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Health - Medecine, Cognitive science, Earth sciences, Engineering Science, Social Science, Life Sciences, Sociology
Teaching language(s) French, English, Other

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Training and supporting PSL’s PhD students

An unparalleled scientific setting to create, launch, innovate... and meet the top challenges of the contemporary world.
A PSL doctoral program offers a world-class education in any discipline, as well as close supervision through the Doctoral College.

Excellence • An academic environment where basic research and applied research communicate; where universities, research entities, and the business world are in dialog; where freedom of thought and entrepreneurial spirit are encouraged.
Supervision • A dedicated structure, the Doctoral College, is responsible for implementing PSL’s doctoral policy, coordinating some 30 schools and 2 doctoral programs, promoting the PSL PhD degree, disseminating best practices, and monitoring the professional progress of PSL’s PhD graduates.
Interdisciplinarity • Hard sciences, humanities, social sciences, the arts... PSL’s cross-disciplinary research ecosystem is specifically designed to stimulate interactions and collaborations between disciplines and foster the free flow of ideas and talent.
Innovation • A spirit of creativity and experimentation inspires everything that PSL does. It contributes to the creation of unique research initiatives and the transfer of technology and knowledge, and promotes the emergence of disruptive innovations.

PSL Doctoral College

The PSL Doctoral College coordinates and implements PSL’s doctoral policy. It covers 29 doctoral schools that are accredited or co-accredited under Université PSL. It serves as a platform for sharing experiences, distributing best practice, and promoting doctoral students at Université PSL.

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Requirements for the admission in a PhD program

Before registering for a doctoral program, doctoral students must receive approval from a PhD adviser authorized to direct research and be hosted by a research team/unit within a doctoral school accredited or jointly accredited by PSL. Admissions criteria are determined by each doctoral school. The head of the doctoral school confirms that the applicant meets the scientific, material, and financial conditions required for the research to be successful.

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