New strategic partnership between École Nationale d’Administration (ENA) and PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres)

Partenariat ENA PSL

At the close of the “Informed Governance: Understand, Predict, Decide” symposium co-hosted by ENS (École normale supérieure) and ENA, the two institutions announced the launch of a new joint “Savoir, Prévoir, Pouvoir” (“Knowledge, Planning, Capacity”) chair. Alongside this announcement, Paris Sciences & Lettres and École Nationale d’Administration are announcing that the two institutions have reached a strategic partnership agreement.

The agreement draws from current joint initiatives between ENA and other PSL member institutions (Université Paris-Dauphine and École normale supérieure in particular) and seeks to strengthen the relationship between public administration and research and to continue the far-reaching reforms already underway at ENA and PSL.

The agreement will most notably lead to the creation of new chairs (symposia, publications, courses, education initiatives) calling for close collaboration between researchers and practitioners on topics relating to public administration. At the international level, the agreement calls for PSL and ENA to work in concert to leverage existing and future partnerships to promote France’s expertise in teaching and research related to democratic governance.

Along these lines, the new ENA/ENS “Knowledge, Planning, Capacity” chair and the ENA/ENS symposium on March 6, 2017 opened by Thierry Mandon, Secretary of State in charge of Higher Education and Research, are reflective of the fruitful relationships that can be established between ENA and PSL’s institutions.

Thierry Coulhon, President of PSL, is delighted about this new collaboration: “Recent changes at École Nationale d’Administration fall directly in line with our goal of eliminating stovepipes. I am delighted that a key leader in government civil service will be joining us as we pursue our great endeavor of creating a new higher education and research institution in France.”  

Nathalie Loiseau, Director of the Ecole Nationale d’Administration, joins in this enthusiasm for a partnership that will contribute to closer relationships between research, education, and public service: “Recruiting and training executives capable of rising to the challenges facing public decision-makers in France, Europe, and at the international level is ENA’s vocation. ENA looks forward to fulfilling this vocation through closer partnership with PSL’s hub of excellence in the humanities and social science".