Our scientists honored in 2017


Experimental, theoretical, incremental research: Université PSL relies on an exceptional network of 4,500 researchers and 181 laboratories. In 2017, many have seen their work rewarded by major French and international scientific institutions: the Shaw Award, CNRS medals, the Académie des Sciences awards and the Inserm Grand Prix... Here is the list of the main laureates and their awards.

Shaw Award

Abel Prize for Mathematics

Inserm Grand Prix

Academy of Sciences Prize

Among the list of 18 new members of the Academy of Sciences unveiled on December 5, 2017, five are scientists attached to Université PSL:

French Academy Award

Medals and CNRS Awards

NASA Silver Medal

Chancellery of the University of Paris

Irene Joliot-Curie Prize

Pink Ribbon Grand Prix

Gothenburg Lise Meitner Award

Best Young Economist Award

Jastro Award (Japanese Society of Radiation Oncology)

  • Professor Philip Poortmans, Head of the Oncology Radiation Therapy Department of the Institut Curie and Professor of Radiotherapy, Marie Curie Chair (PSL / Institut Curie)

Pontifical Academies Awards