Public Policy and Development (Applied Economics)

Bannière PPD
Program type Initial Training
Degree Master's
Domain(s) Humanities & social sciences
Discipline(s) Economics
Teaching language(s) French, English
Place Paris

PSL host school

Student Story

The Applied Economics (Public Policy and Development) Master’s degree is delivered by PSL or the EHESS or the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, with the support of PSE-Ecole d’économie de Paris. Created in 2008, the program is designed to face the rising demand for evaluation and expertise on public policies to evaluate public policies in both developed and developing countries.

Learning outcomes

The Master's program focuses on the acquisition of modern techniques for the analysis and evaluation of public policies, whether they are tools of economic theory or quantitative methods in the social sciences. The Master's degree focuses on economic analysis, but training also includes economic history, political science and more generally to all disciplines likely to help students understand and put into perspective the different kinds of public action and its tools. Public policy practitioners will share their practices.
The program combines classes with a traditional lecture format introducing students to methodological and conceptual frameworks of policy evaluation, individual and team projects (especially in the first year) and classes emphasizing policy applications over pure theory (concentrated in the second year). Most policy areas are covered following a thematic approach.


2-year course of study
First year (M1) focuses on deepening basic skills in quantitative methods, microeconomics, macroeconomics, political economy and economic history. Students also follow courses presenting social policies in developed and developing countries, as well as the challenges of globalization. The programme also includes a series of lectures by experts and policy makers. At the end of the year, students must complete a compulsory internship in an institution that manages the development or evaluation of public policies.
During the second year (M2), students can choose their course of study, which enables them to specialize. The curriculum allows them to choose from a wide range of courses covering social policies, global policies, economic history and quantitative methods. The writing of a research thesis, under the supervision of a researcher from the Paris School of Economics, is the culmination of the two-year Master's program.

- Read the Year 1 program
- Read the Year 2 program

Who can apply?

Students may apply if they own a Bachelor's degree in Humanities and Social Sciences with a strong focus on economics and a substantial background in mathematics. Students should be especially interested in the design, analysis and evaluation of public policies both in developing countries and in developed countries.

Career opportunities

After the Master's degree, graduates may pursue with doctoral studies in economics, or they can find positions in national administrations, international organizations, development agencies, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations and private companies.

 Read the story of Mónica, a student in this Master's program


The Master's program is for students who hold a bachelor's degree in the social sciences with a strong focus on economics and a substantial background in mathematics

2023/24 Admission process and calendar

Students should complete the admission package.
Applications should be sent online on PSE's applications website between January 10 to March 8, 2023.

Tuition fees

For 2022/23 academic year, the tuition fees is €243 a year; plus the mandatory CVEC tax: €100. Further information about CVEC tax

School for registration: ENS - PSL
Degree issued: French Master’s degree delivered by Université PSL or EHESS or the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

Mónica, student in the Public Policy and Development (Applied Economics) Master's program

"Our actions should enable us to break the vicious circle of poverty"

Mónica is a committed student of the Applied Economics master's degree at the ENS-PSL. She shares with us her career path and the subjects that drive her, first of all the fight against social inequalities.

Read her story

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