International Affairs and Development

Program type Continuing Education, Initial Training, Apprenticeship Training
Degree Master's
Graduate program(s) Graduate Program in Economics
Domain(s) Humanities & social sciences
Discipline(s) Law, Economics, Geography - Geopolitics, Business Administration - Management, Political Science
Teaching language(s) French
Place Paris

School of enrollment

Student story

The Master’s degree program in International Affairs and Development from PSL is a gateway to an international career. With eight concentrations offered in the second year, students receive training designed to enhance and expand their knowledge of economics, the sociology of organizations and networks, international political relations, international business law, management, logistics and finance. In a world facing momentous challenges (environmental, political, etc.), this Master’s degree program, with its strong emphasis on research, produces informed students with the ability to seek out new solutions. The curriculum is affiliated with PSL’s graduate program in Economics.

Learning outcomes

  • A strong general knowledge of key issues in international affairs.
  • Technical skills in areas such as econometrics, modeling and optimization.
  • Specialization in the field of sustainable development, peace studies or international economics and development economics.
  • The ability to deploy tools and methods used in the chosen field of study.

The first year of the Master’s degree offers multidisciplinary training in economics, sociology, political science, finance and law. Each specialization includes required and optional courses. Courses are open to students from other specializations as optional courses.


Careers in France and worldwide in an array of sectors and businesses: analyst, chargé de mission (European affairs, environment), consultant (supply chain, defense and security, data scientist), etc.

Teaching location

Dauphine–PSL: Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 75016 Paris

Degree delivered

Institutional Master’s degree conferred by Université PSL and prepared at Dauphine–PSL.

  • Training in careers connected with economic, social and environmental challenges, as well as research.
  • A richly diverse student body selected from a wide range of backgrounds (students with undergraduate degrees in economics, sociology, political science, management, etc.).
  • A program of multidisciplinary study taught by a high-level faculty.
  • An international academic environment that offers contact with students from around the world (South America, Africa, Asia, etc.) as well as opportunities for dual degrees and exchanges with partner universities.
  • A wide range of career opportunities both in France and worldwide, in the corporate world, the public sector, international organizations, civil society and the world of research.
  • A curriculum that can be tailored to students’ professional lives: full-time study with an optional gap year between the first and second years; work-study programs (with enhanced instructional support); or executive education.

Pierre, alumnus of the Master's program in International Affairs and development

“Research is a tool that I can use for my future projects in social entrepreneurship.”

Now working at Different Leaders, a community service organization, Pierre looks back at his experience at PSL, which began in the Multidisciplinary Undergraduate degree (CPES) and then continued with a Master’s degree in International Affairs and Development at Dauphine-PSL. He shares his interest in development economics and tells us about his current and future projects

Check out his story

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Master’s Year 1 (M1; 60 ECTS)

First semester: Core curriculum: International economics, development economics, social and environmental responsibility, conflict management and peace building, etc.

Second semester Students choose one of three specializations (depending on the concentration they intend to pursue in M2 ): Economics - Sustainable Development - Peace Studies

(Optional gap year)

Master’s Year 2 (M2; 60 ECTS)

Concentrations offered in M2:

  • For students who specialized in Economics in M1: International affairs - Public policy decision-making and assessment - International economic assessment - International economics and development - International supply chain
  • For students who specialized in Sustainable Development in M1: International affairs - Sustainable development: corporate and institutional responsibility
  • For students who specialized in Peace Studies in M1 International affairs: Peace Studies


Businesses (Total, Natixis, etc.), international organizations (International Monetary Fund, World Bank, OECD), public institutions in France (Banque de France, INSEE, the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development [IRD], etc.).
This ecosystem provides opportunities for high-level technical supervision and a wide selection of internships and work-study programs.

International outlook

The Master’s degree program offers varied opportunities for studying and working abroad. Its partners include the Free University of Brussels in Belgium, the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in Santiago (dual degree) and Italy’s University of Pisa (dual degree); it is also a member of the QTEM (Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management) Masters Network.
Some courses are taught in English.
Nearly one third of alumni obtain a position located abroad within a year of receiving their degree.

Prerequisites (M1)

Bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS credits) in management, economics or the social sciences, or a degree from a French IEP political studies institute or high-level university or equivalent institution.

Selection process

Based on an application and interview.
The application should be submitted online at the MyCandidature application platform:


Head of the Master's program: : Philippe de Vreyer, Professor, Dauphine–PSL

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