Asset Management and Private Banking

Program type : Continuing Education, Initial Training, Apprenticeship Training
Degree : Master's
Discipline(s) : Banking - Finance - Insurance, Law, Economics, Business Administration - Management
Place : Paris
Domains : Humanities & social sciences
Teaching language : French
Internship required
Prerequisites : Bachelor

The Master’s program in Asset Management and Private Banking produces specialists who can advise their clients on building, monitoring and passing on their financial assets, including optimization and arbitrage of their assets and asset structures.

Graduates of this Master’s program will have a twofold expertise in law and taxation as well as economics and finance. As a result, they will be able to interpret and explain the financial, legal and tax environment for their clients and guide them through the various investment opportunities available.
It offers preparation for a career in private wealth consulting, wealth management, family offices, etc.

Learning outcomes

  • Master the relevant legal and tax environment as well as financial management and general accounting tools
  • Analyze and prepare an asset structure balance sheet for a client, and use it to define objectives with the client
  • Optimize an asset and tax scenario
  • Be able to prepare and track supporting documentation for investments and the profitability records for the financial products obtained
  • Develop a portfolio of clients/prospective clients and be familiar with the principles of customer relations
  • Advise a client on building, expanding, protecting and transmitting his or her assets
  • Communicate in both French and English, including clear written text and appropriate media


M1 Asset Management and Private Banking: initial training and apprenticeship
M1 Asset Management and Private Banking: continuing education
M2 Asset Management and Private Banking: apprenticeship
M2 Asset Management and Private Banking: continuing education

Who should apply?

Students studying for a Bachelor’s degree with a major in law, economics, finance or management


Asset Management Institute (IGP), Université Paris Dauphine

  • Des compétences transversales en finance, droit, fiscalité, économie
  • Une formation par apprentissage au coeur du monde professionnel
  • Un secteur gestion de Patrimoine qui emploie (gestion de fortune, banque privée, ingénierie patrimoniale …)
  • Des enseignants qualifiés, connectés au monde professionnel issus de cabinets réputés
  • Des effectifs réduits pour un suivi personnel 

Access to M1: French or foreign students who hold a Bachelor’s degree (Bac+3 - 180 ECTS) in management, applied economics or law from Université Paris-Dauphine or another university, or a degree from a high-level business or management school or an equivalent institution.

Master’s 1 as initial training or an apprenticeship:
Recruitment based on review of the application package (except for students who have completed L3 in Asset Management at Dauphine). The application package should include a cover letter and express a preference for an apprenticeship or initial training without an apprenticeship (eligibility), followed by an interview (admission).
The application package will be reviewed for the applicant’s experience, relevant internships, disciplines studied: law, economics, mathematics, English.
Professional experience in the form of internships is strongly recommended for admission into the Master’s 1 program, and particularly the Master’s 1 apprenticeship program.
For students in the Master’s 1 apprenticeship program, tuition fees will be borne by the host company.

Access to M2: French or foreign students after validation of 60 ECTS credits from the “Finance: Asset Management track” M1 or another M1 program (Bac+4) in management, economics, sociology, law, psychology or political science from Université Paris-Dauphine or another university, an IEP degree or an equivalent degree from a high-level university or institution.
Admission on the basis of a cover letter and application package submitted via e-application (eligibility) followed by an oral interview (admission).


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