Marketing and Strategy

Program type : Initial Training, Apprenticeship Training
Degree : Master's
Discipline(s) : Marketing
Place : Paris
Domains : Humanities & social sciences
Teaching language : French
Internship required
Prerequisites : Bachelor

The Master’s degree in Marketing and Strategy trains professionals who are seeking functional positions in marketing (research analyst, area manager, product manager, etc.) or will have managerial responsibilities (category manager, marketing manager, customer relations manager, communications manager, research and consulting, etc.) as a stepping stone to executive management positions.

Learning outcomes

  • Interpret and analyze qualitative and quantitative information
  • Oversee the deployment of marketing campaigns
  • Assess a market situation and formulate a strategy
  • Lead a marketing study (design and statistical analysis)
  • Be creative and know how to work in project mode as part of a team
  • Present a marketing plan with conviction and professionalism
  • Master soft skills: projects, challenges, responsibilities, business competitions, workshops, etc.
  • Gain exceptional mastery of English and information and communications technology
  • Analyze scientific articles, formulate a research question and carry out a research methodology


M1 Marketing & Strategy: initial training
M1 Marketing & Strategy: apprenticeship
M2 Business Development track - MeM (276)
M2 Marketing Research and Product Manager track (204)
M2 Communications and Marketing track (208)
M2 Research and Consulting track (102)
M2 Distribution and Customer Relations track (206)
M2 Luxury Goods Management track (207)


Access to M1

French or foreign students who hold a Bachelor’s degree (Bac+3 - 180 ECTS) or the equivalent in management, applied economics or econometrics from Université Paris-Dauphine or another university, a high-level business, management or engineering school or an equivalent institution.
Recruitment based on an online application package, including synopsis. If the application package is accepted, an admissions interview may be scheduled.
Application packages for the M1 initial training program will be evaluated based on the following: complete academic record (grades), activities and participation in organizations, understanding of the socio-economic environment, professional experience in the form of internships (highly recommended), career plan in the area of marketing and strategy, quality of the interview (openness, oral expression, etc.), results of the aptitude test.
Application packages for the M1 apprenticeship program will be evaluated based on the following: past academic level, professional experience highly recommended (internship, apprenticeship, summer employment), language proficiency, quality of the interview.
Special admission requirements for current Université Paris-Dauphine students: refer to MyDauphine (log on to view the page).
All students must submit their application using the e-application procedure, including students from the Dauphine L3 management program.
For students in the M1 apprenticeship program, tuition fees will be borne by the host company.

Access to M2

Each M2 track has specific requirements. Refer to the site for the Master’s program.


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