Program type Initial Training, Apprenticeship Training
Degree Master's
Graduate program(s) Graduate Program in Finance
Domain(s) Humanities & social sciences
Discipline(s) Banking - Finance - Insurance, Law, Economics, Business Administration - Management
Teaching language(s) French, English
Place Paris

School of enrollment


The Master’s degree program in Finance from Dauphine–PSL produces high-level financial professionals for businesses and financial institutions. They boast extensive technical skills specific to a variety of business segments, management capabilities and an evolving knowledge base acquired through an openness to research and seminars in research-based training. Affiliated with the PSL graduate program in Finance, this Master’s program is among the jewels in the French academic landscape, thanks to its size, reputation and international character as well as the wide range of business areas covered and the high-quality courses of study offered.

Learning outcomes

  • World-class training in financial techniques.
  • International mobility thanks to numerous agreements for international exchanges in both the first and second year of the program.
  • Wide-ranging career opportunities in every area of finance.
  • Enhanced prospects for developing an international career.


Private equity, M&A trader, Booker analyst (asset and risk management, financial analyst, investment analyst).


The first year of the Master’s degree program gives students the opportunity to explore various aspects of finance so they can choose their preferred concentration in the second year.
The optional gap year also provides an opportunity to reaffirm or refine that choice of concentration.
The M1 year is built around courses in the core curriculum as well as specialized courses that allow students to prepare for their chosen academic concentration in the second year.

The second year of the Master’s program is designed to help students:

  • acquire a knowledge base in finance,
  • gain an overall perspective on the various disciplines and fields within the world of finance,
  • master the tools for valuing financial assets,
  • learn how to measure and manage financial risks,
  • master the computer tools for problem-solving in finance.

Teaching location

Dauphine–PSL: Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 75016 Paris


Prerequisites Master's year 1
Bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS credits) in management, economics, accounting or applied mathematics, or a degree from a French business or engineering school or high-level university or equivalent institution.
Selection process
The application should be submitted online at the MyCandidature application platform:

Degree delivered

Institutional Master’s degree conferred by Université PSL and prepared at Dauphine–PSL.

  • High-level training in financial techniques in one of Dauphine–PSL’s flagship academic programs.
  • A generalist curriculum, with a strong concentration in the second year thanks to the wide variety of academic tracks offered.
  • The opportunity to develop an international career through courses offered on the Dauphine Tunis campus as well as semester-long academic exchanges via the QTEM (Quantitative Techniques for Economics & Management) Masters Network.
  • A career-minded curriculum: a recommended gap year between M1 and M2 so students can refine their career plan on the basis of business internships; three academic concentrations offered through work-study programs with enhanced instructional support during the assignment; more than half of the academic tracks offered in M2 are available through executive education.
  • An extensive ecosystem of partners, including universities outside France (Bocconi, Lugano, Shanghai, Lausanne); partner institutions abroad, such as the CFA Institute; member institutions in SIGMA (the Social Impact and Global Management Alliance); and businesses and international organizations. These relationships provide opportunities for high-level technical supervision and a wide range of internships, work-study programs and exchanges in France and abroad.


Head of the Master's program: Serge Darolles, Professor, Dauphine–PSL

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