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PSL is a unique academic partner for creating the high-level collaborative relationships in research, education, innovation and recruiting that you require today and in the future.

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Corinne Lassailly
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Whether you are an individual donor, a very small business, or a multinational corporation located in France or abroad, your gift can make a difference in educating the future talent pool of 2050.
Patronage can take a variety of forms, from financial donations to loans or gifts of equipment, or even making in-house expertise available to PSL.
As a PSL patron, you are making a gift to its foundation in support of one or more initiatives. In so doing, you associate your reputation with a world-class university fully engaged in modernity, home to a remarkable pool of current and future talent and expertise.
You also gain the full tax benefits of the Aillagon law of August 1, 2013:

  • Individuals: tax deduction equivalent to 66% of the amount of your gift
  • Companies: tax deduction equivalent to 60% of the amount of your gift

Corporate partnerships

Collaborative research, continuing education, internships, CIFRE PhDs, endowed chairs -- our corporate partnerships take many forms, each an opportunity to provide an economic service in the direct interests of your company.
By becoming a PSL partner, you benefit from: the results of the research that you fund, strengthened capacity of your teams through high-level, tailor-made training opportunities, and a pool of young talent for recruiting.