PSL-Dauphine Legal Clinic

Here, law students from Université Paris-Dauphine and PSL help and benefit their fellow citizens and gain real-life, practical experience at the same time. All PSL students have free access to his innovative educational and social project.

Free legal consultations for PSL students

PSL students and staff may consult the Legal Clinic free of charge and meet specialist lawyers specializing in contract, liability, family, inheritance, labor and criminal law (among others), assisted by student members of the Clinic.
To request an appointment, complete the form.

A new way of training students

The Clinic enables 90 students from Université Paris-Dauphine and PSL (3rd year Bachelor’s and Master’s students) to receive practical training alongside experienced lawyers. This additional training helps them to strengthen their skills and knowledge as well as to develop their ability to work independently, and nurtures a sense of responsibility - both of which are vital to their future careers. The Clinic also provides students with a means of forging links with the professional world.

An educational project with a social aim

The Legal Clinic also has a strong civic purpose. Three areas of activity are available:

  • Accompanying legal firms providing Pro Bono legal services
  • Participating in legal research of general interest
  • Supporting business set-up projects
  • Free legal consultation


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Eva Besozzi, étudiante en Master de Droit, participant à la Clinique Juridique PSL-Dauphine

Nous avons appris à travailler comme une vraie équipe d’avocats et pu compléter notre formation académique en bénéficiant de cours sur la rédaction des contrats.

Eva Besozzi, Etudiante en 1ère année de Master de Droit à l'Université Paris-Dauphine | PSL