5 years of student entrepreneurship at Université PSL


With nearly 250 projects supported by PSL-Pépite since 2014, the PSL student entrepreneurship service is celebrating its 5th year with Le Rendez-vous de l’entrepreneuriat on November 18 at the Collège de France. The program includes graduation ceremony, keynote by Jacques Lewiner, pitch competition and assessment of the actions run by the PSL Transfert Entreprises project.

Rentrée du programme étudiant entrepreneur PSL - Pépite 2019

Student entrepreneurs enrolled in the PSL-PEPITE program

Their names are Alexandre, Fati, Marie, Sarah, Sébastien... All of them have been or are still students and have one thing in common: they have enrolled in the "PSL-Pépite" program.

This training, set up in 2014 by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, provides support for students and young graduates from the higher ed in their entrepreneurial projects. There are currently in France 31 PEPITE or Pôles Étudiants pour l’Innovation, le Transfert et l’Entrepreneuriat.

40% of the start-up projects are run by women

Since 2014, PSL-Pépite has supported nearly 350 student-entrepreneurs; over 40% of projects are run by women. Everyone works in PSL's co-working space, the PSL-Lab, other innovation centers hosted by PSL schools, or at Station F (15 start-up projects hosted this year); all student entrepreneurs are committed to developing our society.

In connection with commitment by students, several start-up promote sustainable development (Graapz - now Phoenix-, Neqtar), or an environment-friendly gastronomy (TinyBird, CarréFuté, Avekapeti, Iquemusu). Other start-up are using tools such as artificial intelligence, exchange platforms, etc. to develop the service's businesses (Job’n’Roll, Yespark, Study&Co, Nap & Up) or fashion businesses (Ypsylone, Mon Sauveur). Overall, the projects are often welcome in the entrepreneurial environment (awarded with the Prix TremplinPrix Pépite des Pépites, etc.) and the customized support offered in the program provides the students with a background that enables them to anticipate the future evolution of their business.

Carré futés

The founders of the Carrés Futés start-up in front of one among 120 promotional posters shown in the Paris subway.

A comprehensive training for all backgrounds

The PSL-Pépite training is therefore above all:

  • Intensive support on an emerging project (PSL-Starter)
  • Customized support on an advanced project
  • An ideal working environment to succeed in your entrepreneurial adventure (theoretical lessons, workshops, conferences, hackathons, company relations...)
  • Collaborative meetings: between expert mentors and young entrepreneurs, and also between young entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds (marketing, law...)
  • A training course entitling to a diploma, the Student-Entrepreneur Degree (D2E)

This support, which leads to a degree recognized on the national scale, is also a way to provide a framework for an innovative and audacious academic track.



PSL Transfert Entreprises

The entrepreneurship meeting on October 18 will also be an opportunity to present the actions of the PSL Transfert Entreprises project. Created in 2017, thanks to ERDF Ile-de-France funds, this program aims to strengthen support for technology transfer and business creation. It runs 3 key actions:

  • MATIS@PSL: maturation and transfer to start-ups from research teams (8 projects)
  • SCALING UP: prototyping support for student-entrepreneurs (12 projects funded)
  • Detection and awareness (Hackathon, PSL-iTeams, Postocs2innovators)


  Strategy 2020: launch of three ERDF PSL projects

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Le rendez-vous de l'entrepreneuriat

November 18 at 6 P.m. at the Collège de France

Registration required