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Student social security

Enrollment in student social security est automatique lors de votre inscription. La cotisation annuelle d’environ 215 € vous sera demandée en même temps que les droits d’inscription. is automatic upon enrollment in PSL. Your annual contribution of €215 will be collected at the same time as your tuition. Coverage guarantees partial or full reimbursement of medical costs. You can choose between two student social security agencies: the LMDE and the SMEREP.

You will also have the option of selecting additional coverage to optimize reimbursement rates. Additional coverage is optional, but highly recommended if you are no longer covered by your parents’ additional coverage policy.

Finding healthcare professionals in Paris

Student preventive health and medical care facilities propose a full range of medical services (general medicine, gynecology, dental care, dermatology, psychological support, addiction services, nutrition, etc.) at lowered cost through direct settlement.

You can easily locate the physician you need at the following:

To find a physician located nearby your home or school, search the healthcare directory on the Assurance Maladie website. Health centers are also directly located at some PSL schools and institutions.

Need someone to talk to? To practice self-care?

University life can prove intense. Whether you are simply going through a down period, or are suffering from something more serious, several services are at your disposal in addition to those provided by your school.  These support services include BAPU (Bureau d’Aide Psychologique Universitaire) psychological support centers and the helplines APASO and Fil santé jeunes.

If you are suffering from stress, fatigue or insomnia, think about more exercise! The beneficial health effects of exercise and relaxation have been well known since Antiquity. Find your happy place among the 40 activities proposed by PSL-Sport (Yoga, Pilates, climbing, team sports, martial arts, etc.).


PSL Nightline Paris is here for you

To support students experiencing difficulty, a PSL association created Nightline Paris, a 100% confidential website and helpline that provide guaranteed free and nonjudgmental support. Staffed by student volunteers in cooperation with PSL institution mental health services, the helpline is available every night during the academic year, from 9pm to 2:30am.